Efficient Garage Conversion into an Apartment in Woodland Hills

Woodland Hills, CA | December 22, 2023

This garage conversion in Woodland Hills is a showcase of FTR Renovation’s expertise in space transformation. It highlights our commitment to innovative design, budget efficiency, and seamless adaptation to client needs.

  • Completed Date

    December 22, 2023
  • Project Budget

  • Project Duration

    10 Months
  • Converting a garage into a modern one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment.

    Project Challenges

    Permitting Process:

    Securing permits in Woodland Hills proved to be a lengthy process, stretching over 10 months. Our team’s meticulous attention to detail and compliance with local regulations ensured a smooth permit acquisition.

    Space Optimization:

    The primary challenge was transforming a limited garage space into a fully functional apartment. We employed innovative design solutions to create an open, airy feel in a compact area.

    Adhering to Budget:

    Delivering this transformation within the $152,000 budget was crucial. We focused on cost-effective yet quality materials and smart design choices to stay within financial boundaries.


    • To secure all necessary permits within the 10-month timeframe.
    • To maximize the utility of the garage space, creating a comfortable and attractive living area.
    • To manage resources effectively, ensuring the project adheres to its budget constraints.


    • Permit Success: Successfully navigated Woodland Hills’ permitting process within the anticipated timeframe.
    • Space Transformation: Efficiently converted the garage into a modern, functional one-bedroom apartment.
    • Budget Adherence: Completed the project within the set budget, delivering high-quality results that exceeded client expectations.

    Solutions & Strategy

    • Permit Acquisition: Worked closely with local authorities, ensuring all regulations were met for a smooth permitting process.
    • Design and Layout: Implemented innovative design solutions, using space-saving furniture and smart layouts to maximize the living area.
    • Budget Allocation: Carefully selected materials and solutions that provided the best value for money while maintaining high standards.

    “The transformation of our garage by FTR Renovation has been remarkable. They not only created an amazing space within our budget but also handled all the challenges with professionalism.”

    -Richard S.