Second Floor

Enhancing Your Home with Customized Second Floor Additions

Why Choose Our Second Floor Services?

At FTR Renovation, we specialize in creating personalized second-floor additions that transform your home's silhouette and functionality. Whether you're considering an additional bedroom suite, a multipurpose leisure room, or a tranquil retreat space, our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to elevating your living experience with a custom-designed second story that fits your home's existing style and your personal needs.
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Designing and Building Your Elevated Dream Space

Our design and construction expertise is particularly crucial when adding a second floor. We navigate the complexities of building upwards, ensuring that every phase, from structural planning to the sophisticated finishes, complements your home's integrity and enhances its appeal.

We provide designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also structurally sound, melding with your home's current design narrative.

  • Second Floor Options

    Whether you require a single-story, a second-story addition, or a specialized room for a specific purpose such as a home gym or a home theater, we can customize the design to meet your requirements.

  • Benefits of Second Floor Additions

    Elevating your home with a second-floor addition brings a new dimension to your space. It's an opportunity to capitalize on scenic views, increase privacy, and create distinct zones within your home without sacrificing yard space.

  • Custom Second Story Design

    Working in tandem with you, we ensure that the new addition feels like a part of the original blueprint, with thoughtful design that caters to your lifestyle and respects the architectural integrity of your existing home.

Create the Extra Space You Need

FTR Renovation's expertise in second-floor additions ensures that your new space is more than an afterthought—it's a well-integrated expansion of your home's narrative. We focus on creating functional, beautiful spaces that cater to your changing life, whether it's a serene parent's retreat or a vibrant entertainment hub for your family and friends.

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