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Long Beach Garage Transformation into a Modern ADU by FTR Renovation

Project Budget: $152,000

Long Beach | November 23, 2023

This Long Beach ADU project demonstrates FTR Renovation’s ability to innovatively convert conventional spaces into functional, independent living areas, complete with modern amenities and thoughtful design.

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Los Angeles ADU Project by FTR Renovation

Project Budget: $178,000

Los Angeles, CA | May 1, 2023

This Los Angeles ADU project exemplifies FTR Renovation’s adaptability, fiscal responsibility, and unwavering commitment to quality, even when faced with the unpredictability of a global pandemic.

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A Garage Turned Income Generator in Long Beach by FTR Renovation

Project Budget: $188,000

Long Beach, CA | October 1, 2023

This Long Beach ADU demonstrates FTR Renovation’s knack for seamless conversions, timely executions, and budget discipline, ultimately converting an underused garage into a profitable venture.

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Whittier ADU Two Bedroom & Two Bathroom With Laundry Area

Project Budget: $230,000

Whittier, CA | March 1, 2023

This upcoming ADU project stands as a testament to FTR Renovation’s ability to deliver luxurious, timely, and budget-friendly outcomes that exceed client expectations.

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Woodland Hills Single Bed ADU by FTR Renovation

Project Budget: $165,000

Woodland Hills, CA | June 16, 2022

This Woodland Hills ADU showcases FTR Renovation’s expertise in balancing design innovation, energy efficiency, and regulatory compliance, all bundled into a compelling living space.

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Whittier Garage Conversion – From Parking Garage to Rental Unit

Project Budget: $178,000

Whittier, CA | July 21, 2023

Apartment building, convert under building parking space to two singles ADU. This Whittier project symbolizes FTR Renovation’s resourcefulness and aptitude in maximizing space and investment opportunities for property owners, all while sailing smoothly through complex regulatory waters.

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Santa Clarita Add On Master Bedroom , Closet (2) Office Area, High Ceilings, & Bedroom Remodeling.

Project Budget: $158,000

Santa Clarita, CA | November 11, 2021

This Santa Clarita ADU project embodies FTR Renovation’s commitment to balancing creative design, regulatory compliance, and client expectations into one seamless package.

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Long Beach Two-Story ADU by FTR Renovation (in-progress)

Project Budget: $488,000

Long Beach, CA | December 1, 2023

Once complete, this 2-story ADU in Long Beach will stand as a symbol of FTR Renovations ability to push the envelope in design, regulatory compliance, and client satisfaction.

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Long Beach’s Guest House ADU by FTR Renovation

Project Budget: $154,000

Long Beach, CA | November 10, 2022

We converted an existing garage to one bedroom ADU separate unit. The permit processes took 6 month to RTI , construction 5 month for CofO, and the cost of construction $154k. This Long Beach ADU stands as a testament to FTR Renovation’s adaptability, attention to detail, and commitment to client satisfaction. We successfully turned a small plot into a cozy, functional living space, all while meeting regulatory demands.

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ADU Construction in Hawthorne by FTR Renovation

Project Budget: $182,000

Hawthorne, CA | April 5, 2023

Our ADU project in Hawthorne demonstrates FTR Renovation’s finesse in optimizing limited spaces and navigating complex zoning requirements. The outcome is a space-efficient, stylish, and fully compliant ADU.

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