Spacious Two-Story ADU in Jefferson

Jefferson Area | December 15, 2023

This Jefferson ADU project exemplifies FTR Renovation’s expertise in managing large-scale constructions. It highlights our ability to combine functional design with aesthetic appeal, all while strictly adhering to timelines and budget constraints.

  • Completed Date

    December 15, 2023
  • Project Budget

  • Project Duration

    7 Months
  • Erecting a two-story ADU with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

    Project Challenges

    1. Complex Structure: Building a two-story ADU within a relatively tight timeline.
    2. Budgeting for Scale: Managing a substantial $450,000 budget effectively to cover all aspects of a larger ADU.
    3. Maximizing Space: Ensuring that each bedroom and living area is spacious and well-appointed.


    1. Construct a sizeable and comfortable two-story ADU.
    2. Achieve high-quality construction and finishes within the set budget.
    3. Complete the project within the ambitious 7-month timeframe.


    1. Structural Excellence: Achieved a robust two-story build without any compromise on safety or design.
    2. Budget Efficiency: Effectively utilized the $450,000 budget, balancing costs with quality.
    3. On-Time Completion: Met the project deadline, delivering a fully functional ADU in 7 months.

    Solutions & Strategy

    Initial Planning:

    Intensive sessions with the client to finalize a design that offers comfort and maximizes utility in each area of the ADU.

    Construction Highlights:

    • Bedrooms: Three well-designed bedrooms, each planned to optimize space and comfort.
    • Bathrooms: Two modern bathrooms equipped with high-quality fixtures and finishes.
    • Structural Integrity: Ensuring the two-story structure meets all safety and building standards.

    Budget and Time Management:

    Careful tracking of budget and progress to ensure project completion within the 7-month deadline.

    “The team at FTR Renovation impressed us with their ability to handle such a large project efficiently. The end result is simply stunning – a spacious, modern ADU that perfectly fits our needs.”

    -Jaylen K.