Fairfax District Remodeling with FTR Renovation

Fairfax District | September 16, 2023

The Fairfax District project exemplifies FTR Renovation’s skill in harmonizing diverse design elements while navigating the complexities of pool and hardscaping work. It’s a testament to our dedication to client satisfaction and eco-friendly practices.

  • Completed Date

    September 16, 2023
  • Project Budget

  • Project Duration

    6.5 months
  • Complete home remodel, including kitchen, bathroom, pool, and hardscaping, all seamlessly blending classic architecture with modern flair.

    Project Challenges

    1. Architectural Preservation: Maintaining the home’s classic elements while updating.
    2. Outdoor Complexities: Pool and hardscaping work introduced additional layers of complexity.
    3. Sustainable Focus: The client requested the use of eco-friendly materials.


    1. Execute a cohesive blend of classic and contemporary styles.
    2. Optimize kitchen and bathroom spaces for enhanced functionality.
    3. Masterfully tackle pool and hardscaping challenges.


    1. Stylistic Harmony: Accomplished a seamless integration of past and present aesthetics.
    2. Space Efficiency: Maximized the utility of kitchen and bathroom areas.
    3. Outdoor Elegance: Executed a stunning pool and hardscape renovation.

    Solutions & Strategy


    Held collaborative brainstorming sessions with the client, arriving at a design plan that paid homage to both the classic and the contemporary.

    Remodeling Elements:

    • Kitchen & Bathroom: Modernized with high-end fixtures and intuitive layouts.
    • Pool: Refurbished with energy-efficient pumps and a revitalized lounging area.
    • Hardscaping: Designed pathways and patio spaces to accentuate the outdoor area.


    Incorporated sustainable materials like reclaimed wood and energy-efficient appliances, adhering to the client’s eco-friendly aspirations.

    “FTR Renovation’s expertise is evident in every corner of our home. They transformed not just our space, but also our lifestyle.”
    – Laura and Mark Davis