Los Angeles ADU Project by FTR Renovation

Los Angeles, CA | May 1, 2023

This Los Angeles ADU project exemplifies FTR Renovation’s adaptability, fiscal responsibility, and unwavering commitment to quality, even when faced with the unpredictability of a global pandemic.

  • Completed Date

    May 1, 2023
  • Project Budget

  • Project Duration

    10 months
  • Craft a two-bedroom, one-bathroom ADU with an open-floor kitchen area.

    Project Challenges

    1. COVID-19 Delays: The pandemic caused significant delays in obtaining permits, stretching the timeline to over a year.
    2. Budget Scrutiny: Operating within a $178,000 budget while tackling pandemic-related supply and labor challenges.
    3. Efficient Design: Creating a practical yet cozy ADU within the given constraints.


    1. Overcome pandemic-related setbacks to complete the project within a revised timeframe.
    2. Adhere to the budget without compromising on the quality of construction or design.
    3. Create an open, multifunctional living space that complements the main property.


    1. Resilient Planning: Successfully navigated the long permit approval process, exacerbated by the pandemic.
    2. Budget Mastery: Delivered a top-notch ADU while maintaining a rigorous grip on the $178,000 budget.
    3. Quick Turnaround: Despite the initial delays, the construction phase was completed in an expedited 10-month period.

    Solutions & Strategy

    Preliminary Discussions:

    Virtual consultations with the client to align the project’s scope and challenges.

    Construction Highlights:

    • Two Bedrooms: Configured to maximize privacy and comfort.
    • Open Kitchen Area: Designed to offer flexibility and foster a sense of spaciousness.

    Project Timelines:

    Created a modified schedule that accounted for COVID-19 related delays, aiming to complete construction in 10 months post-approval.

    “Even with all the COVID-19 related challenges, FTR Renovation was steadfast and delivered an ADU that we’re extremely happy with.”
    – Richard C.